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Jeanne leroy Allais

Summary: Rose-Jeanne-Mathilde Leroy-Allais, is the older sister of Alphonse Allais. She accompanied her brother to Paris where he studied at the School of Pharmacy. She teaches as a free teacher. It was in Paris that she met and married Charles Leroy, a friend of her brother Alphonse, editor of the newspaper "Le Tintamarre". Under the name of Jeanne Leroy-Allais, she published seventeen books, two of which were awarded by the Académie Française: "Marie-Rose au couvent" and "Âmes vaillantes". These edifying, children's album-books are, for the most part, illustrated by Benjamin Rabier. In 1913, she published a book about her brother, which remains a reference on this forgotten author, "Alphonse Allais, memories of childhood and youth". The preface was signed by Alfred Capus and the essay is dedicated to : "Messrs Tristan Bernard, Alfred Capus, Maurice Donnay, Lucien Guitry, all faithful companions and friends of Alphonse Allais". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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