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Victor Cherbuliez

Summary: Charles Victor Cherbuliez (German: [ʃɛʁbylje], 19 July 1829 – 1 or 2 July 1899) was a Swiss, and then (1879) French novelist and author. He was born at Geneva, Switzerland and died at Combs-la-Ville. He was the eleventh member elected to occupy seat 3 of the Académie française in 1881. Most of these novels first appeared in the Revue des deux mondes, to which Cherbuliez also contributed a number of political and learned articles, usually printed with the pseudonym G Valbert. Many of these have been published in collected form under the titles L'Allemagne politique (1870). The earlier novels of Cherbuliez have been said to show marked traces of the influence of George Sand, his method was that of an older school. He did not possess the sombre power or the intensely analytical skill of some of his later contemporaries, but his books are distinguished by a freshness and honesty, fortified by cosmopolitan knowledge and lightened by unobtrusive humour, which fully account for their wide popularity in many countries besides his own. His talents did not tend towards the dramatic, and attempts to present two of his stories on the stage did not succeed. His essays have all the merits due to liberal observation and thoroughness of treatment, their style, like that of the novels, is admirably lucid and correct.

Books of Victor Cherbuliez

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