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Zulma Carraud

Summary: Zulma Carraud (24 March 1796 – 24 April 1889) was a French author. She is best known for her children's books and textbooks particularly La Petite Jeanne ou le devoir and Maurice ou le travail. After moving to Nohant, Carraud volunteered as a country doctor and as a teacher at a rural school from 1852 until 1868. She began writing books and textbooks for children in rural areas after struggling to get proper books while she was a teacher. She wrote books aimed specifically at children from peasant families and their parents and was one of the first children's authors to focus on main characters that were not from noble, bourgeois or working-class families.Her first book, La Petite Jeanne ou le devoir was published in 1852.

Books of Zulma Carraud

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