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Lloyd Osbourne

Summary: Samuel Lloyd Osbourne (April 7, 1868 – May 22, 1947) was an American author and the stepson of the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, with whom he co-authored three books and provided input and ideas on others. Lloyd Osbourne was born in San Francisco to Fanny Osbourne (née Vandegrift) and Samuel Osbourne, a lieutenant on the State Governor's staff. They had married when Fanny was just seventeen years of age, and Lloyd's elder sister Isobel Osbourne (or 'Belle') was born the following year. Samuel fought in the American Civil War, went with a friend sick with tuberculosis to California, and via San Francisco, he ended up in the silver mines of Nevada. Once settled there he sent for his family. Fanny and the five-year-old Isobel made the long journey via New York City, the isthmus of Panama, San Francisco, and finally by wagons and stage-coach to the mining camps of the Reese River, and the town of Austin in Lander County. Life was difficult in the mining town, and there were few women around. Fanny learned to shoot a pistol and to roll her own cigarettes. The family moved to Virginia City, Nevada. Samuel began philandering with saloon girls, and in 1866 he left to prospect for gold in the Coeur d'Alene Mountains. Fanny and her daughter journeyed to San Francisco. There was a rumour that Sam had been killed by a grizzly bear, but he returned to the family safe in 1868. Shortly thereafter Lloyd was born. Samuel continued philandering and Fanny returned to Indianapolis.

Books of Lloyd Osbourne

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