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Ernest Daudet

Summary: Louis-Marie Ernest Daudet (31 May 1837 – 21 August 1921) was a French journalist, novelist and historian. Prolific in several genres, Daudet began his career writing for magazines and provincial newspapers all over France. His younger brother was Alphonse Daudet. Ernest Daudet was born in Nîmes, an old Roman city of Languedoc, France.His father, Vincent Daudet, was a silk merchant whose lack of business sense eventually involved him in bankruptcy. His mother, Adeleine Reynaud, was descended from a respected Provençal family. In 1857 he went to Paris with his brother in order to gain a livelihood through literary pursuits. For a time he managed the Journaux Officiels and the Petit Moniteur. He was also the secretary-editor of the Legislative Corps and chief of the Cabinet of the Senate.He died in Petites-Dalles in 1921, aged 84.

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