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Charles Barbara

Summary: Charles Barbara, born in Orléans on March 5, 1817 and died in Paris on September 19, 1866, is a French writer. Louis-Charles Barbara is the son of a luthier from Dausenau (near Koblenz), established in Orléans. After attending the college of his native city, he continued his studies in Paris at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, to prepare, theoretically, the École Polytechnique and no doubt distance himself from a tyrannical and violent father. He was a coach at the Collège de Nantua, then returned to Paris where he accepted a position as tutor in the family of Édouard Drouyn de Lhuys. In 1841, he made contact with the group of Buveurs d'eau: Henry Murger, the philosopher Jean Wallon, the painters François Tabar and Alexandre Schanne. He provides Murger with the model of the character named Carolus Barbemuche in the Scenes of Bohemian Life. He will never forgive Murger this unflattering portray. He then met Baudelaire, Champfleury, and Nadar, who remained his friends even though he himself was not very expansive. He then turned definitively to journalism and literature, even if music has always played a big role in his life (his father is a luthier, his brother Pierre is a music teacher, his brother Georges is a piano tuner). He plays the violin himself and, to earn a living, performs in small Parisian theatres.

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