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Emmanuel Cosquin

Summary: Emmanuel Cosquin (1841 - 1919) was a French folklorist. He wrote the Popular Tales of Lorraine, collected in the only village of Montiers-sur-Saulx, he defends the thesis according to which European tales are of Indian origin. Born in 1841 in Vitry-le-François, Emmanuel Cosquin first pursued law studies before turning to militant journalism. Author, among others, of various articles published in the Moniteur Universel, he also wrote “some very documented studies on Freemasonry”. He also participated in the creation of the Catholic Workers' Circles. In 1887, he received the Archon-Despérouses Prize.Elected in 1902 as the Institute's correspondent by the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, on the proposal of Gaston Paris, he then turned completely away from journalism to devote himself only to to folklore. Publishing several studies in various scholarly journals, he undertook, among other things, from 1913, to write the Contes indiens et l'Occident, an unfinished work which first appeared in the form of issues in the Revue des traditions populaire and the Revue d'ethnographie. and popular traditions.Emmanuel Cosquin died in 1919.

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