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Josephine Colomb

Summary: Joséphine-Blanche Bouchet, born February 4, 1833 in La Roche-sur-Yon and died September 18, 1892 in Villerville, is a French writer. Wife of the academic, illustrator and writer Louis-Casimir Colomb, she signed her books "Mme J. Colomb" or "Mme Louis-Casimir Colomb". Her books for young people are published in the collection " Bibliothèque des écoles et des familles " of the Hachette publishing house in Paris. Instead of presenting the usual orphans or unhappy teenagers in late nineteenth-century juvenile fiction, Columbus constructed characters with a mind of their own who often challenge the authority of adults with intelligence. The French Academy awarded him the Montyon Prize in 1875 and the Jules-Favre Prize in 1893.

Books of Josephine Colomb

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