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Paul d’Ivoi

Summary: Paul d'Ivoi, pen name of Paul Charles Philippe Éric Deleutre, is a French novelist born on October 25, 1856 in Paris and died on September 6, 1915 in Paris. Paul Deleutre is not the only one to use the pseudonym Paul d'Ivoi. His father, Charles, also signed his journalistic columns Paul d'Ivoi. He began as a journalist at Paris-Journal and collaborated with the Journal des voyages under the pseudonym Paul d'Ivoi. Between 1894 and 1916, he published the 21 volumes of the series Voyages eccentriques which exploited the vein of Jules Verne's Voyages extraordinaires. In 1894, the first volume of the series, Les Cinq Sous de Lavarède, written in collaboration with Henri Chabrillat, earned him fame.

Books of Paul d’Ivoi

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