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Jean-Henri Burgaud des Marets

Summary: Jean-Henri Burgaud des Marets, was born November 2, 1806 in Jarnac (Charente) and died October 6, 1873 in Paris, is a linguist and author of Saintongeaise expression. He approached with talent and success various literary genres, but it is above all his studies on dialects and patois that made him famous. He did his secondary studies at the college of Bordeaux and received a bachelor's degree in 1824. He left to study law in Paris and obtained his degree in 1829. In 1830, he was admitted to the Paris Bar, where his name would appear for 40 years. He then embarked on the study of languages, idioms and dialects while preparing his doctoral thesis in law, which he successfully defended in 1837. Living in Paris, he regularly returned, usually at harvest time, to Jarnac, where he liked to rediscover his roots, particularly by talking with the peasants whose language mixed the words of the langue d'oïl with those of French, this allowed him to fix the Saintongeais dialect which he sensed was disappearing.

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