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Fougeret de Monbron

Summary: Louis-Charles Fougeret de Monbron (also spelled Montbron), born on December 19, 1706 in Péronne and died on September 16, 1760 in Paris, was a French man of letters and was the second son of Jean Fougeret, a financier from Peron, receiver of the Fermes, and Marie Parvillers. A great traveller, Fougeret de Monbron used his travels throughout Europe to write Le Cosmopolite ou le Citoyen du Monde (1750). He is the author, among others, of La Henriade travestie (Berlin [Paris], 1745, in-12), probably the most widely distributed burlesque work of the Age of Enlightenment, where he indulged in a parody almost verse by verse of the original by Voltaire.

Books of Fougeret de Monbron

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