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Armand Silvestre

Summary: Paul-Armand Silvestre (18 April 1837 – 19 February 1901) was a 19th-century French poet and conteur born in Paris.He studied at the École polytechnique with the intention of entering the army, but in 1870 he entered the department of finance. Silvestre had a successful official career, was decorated with the Legion of Honour in 1886, and in 1892 was made inspector of fine arts. Armand Silvestre made his entry into literature as a poet, and was reckoned among the Parnassians. Armand Silvestre's works were published mainly by Alphonse Lemerre and Gervais Charpentier.Some of his poems were set to music by Gabriel Fauré, under the form of mélodies for one voice and piano (Le Secret, L'Automne...). Thirteen of his poems were set by André Messager.[1] Silvestre's poem Jours Passés was set in music by Léo Delibes under the title Regrets.

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